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Marketers: don’t accidentally promote rubbish

Here's a quick WordPress tip: if you're pimping a WSO-type WP plugin to your list, especially if it's a new launch, make sure the damn thing actually works before you email for it.

I know it's tempting to bash out an email or five, what with dimesales and affiliate contests. Trouble is, that pressure is also on the person selling it, and that's where problems start.

Inadequate testing can make you look anything from a little silly to a quick-buck scam artist. There are people out there making big splashes with fancy copy, nice graphics, launch contests and all that jazz… with very little time and money actually spent on producing and testing the product.

So please, be careful, and test software before you mail. Because you are not a scam artist – don't risk looking like one.

How to remove passwords from your browser and increase your online safety

In Fast Web Formula today, we are talking about password security. How to keep your passwords safe, make them complex – and not have to remember them!

I recommend LastPass for generating secure passwords, and keeping them secure. It's free, works on all major browsers. The premium version lets you share your passwords and secure notes to your smart phone.


Once you have LastPass installed, you might think you're safe. Your passwords are safely locked away, encrypted, and no one could get them – even if they got your computer.

Nope! The passwords you imported in to LastPass are still in your browser. Encrypted, yes, but anyone can get around that just by opening up a browser window. So you have to remove all your passwords from your browser.

We were talking mostly about Chrome today, so I whipped up a quick how-to on removing all saved usernames and passwords from Chrome. Be careful, there's no undo on this, so make sure LastPass is installed and working ok before you do this.

Cloudflare: Early Reports Question Effectiveness as Website Security Tool

Do you know how your sites are protected? What tools your host uses? One tool you’ve probably heard of is Cloudflare. Maybe you’ve seen advertising saying something like “we protect your site from attacks” or “we protect your site from hackers”. How do they do this? Part of CloudFlare’s service is something called a Web […]

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Why you shouldn’t use an Administrator-level WordPress user whenever possible

If you’re like most people, you use an Administrator-level account for your WordPress site all the time. Even doing something simple like comment moderation or posting something new, you use the admin account (minus 5 Spanky-points if its username is “admin”). It’s just easier, right? What if an asshat hacker gets into that account? They […]

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Is your host ready to nuke your business?

What do you think could be crazy enough to make a mellow nerd see red? Let me tell you a story. A couple days ago I heard about a case of a really bad web host. You need to read this, because there’s a cautionary tale, and I want you to be aware of what […]

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How to know if that security plugin is any good

A few days ago a friend asked me to take a look at a new security plugin for WordPress. I was not impressed. Let me tell you how I evaluate a new security service, most are little tips you can do yourself without needing to know code. How much is it I don’t much like […]

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Display Buddy worth it?

A friend of a friend messaged me on Facebook tonight, asking about the Plugin Buddy developer pack (which includes Backup Buddy, the Display Buddy suite, Frolic and Email Buddy). He’d seen my status messages about Backup Buddy. I talked about how important it is to have automagic backups for your site. It is especially important […]

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Securing Your WordPress Sites …

As more and more people use WordPress… As more and more plugins are used to extend WordPress As more and more themes are created … It’s time to be concerned about your WordPress site. Whether your WordPress site shows off your business, entices prospects to buy your products, or use it to promote affiliate programs […]

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