Display Buddy worth it?

A friend of a friend messaged me on Facebook tonight, asking about the Plugin Buddy developer pack (which includes Backup Buddy, the Display Buddy suite, Frolic and Email Buddy).

He'd seen my status messages about Backup Buddy. I talked about how important it is to have automagic backups for your site. It is especially important to take a backup before you upgrade your site.

The developer pack, with unlimited licenses for all plugins is $197, but an unlimited license for just Backup Buddy is $147. So you have to figure out if the extra plugins like Frolic are worth $50 to you.

Display Buddy

The display buddy set can be useful, very flexible. If what they do is exactly what you need, wonderfully quick, if not forget about them. For me it's worth having access to them just in case I need to do a basic slideshow or whatever. I haven't really explored them in depth, but a couple of them have been very useful (read: saved me from having to code my own) in a couple of projects I can remember off the top of my head.

Come Frolic in the water

Frolic is pretty new but I'm impressed with the power & options it gives. It's a one-stop-shop for social media in WordPress.

You can create Like and Send buttons for Facebook, publish Facebook comments on your site, and a whole lot more.

For Twitter, you can display your recent tweets, let visitors follow you or tweet to you (@youraccount) or your hashtag.

Google Plus has the normal +1 button, as well as a Share button and a display of people who have +1'd the page.

LinkedIn is new in Frolic, and I haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I'll test it out and write about it soon, but it does look impressive.

Buy or do not

I think it's probably worth the extra $50 if you're likely to need any of the things they can do in the near future. Otherwise, wait & upgrade later on when you need them (email sales@ithemes.com and they'll sort you out a price-difference upgrade).



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