How to remove passwords from your browser and increase your online safety

In Fast Web Formula today, we are talking about password security. How to keep your passwords safe, make them complex – and not have to remember them!

I recommend LastPass for generating secure passwords, and keeping them secure. It's free, works on all major browsers. The premium version lets you share your passwords and secure notes to your smart phone.


Once you have LastPass installed, you might think you're safe. Your passwords are safely locked away, encrypted, and no one could get them – even if they got your computer.

Nope! The passwords you imported in to LastPass are still in your browser. Encrypted, yes, but anyone can get around that just by opening up a browser window. So you have to remove all your passwords from your browser.

We were talking mostly about Chrome today, so I whipped up a quick how-to on removing all saved usernames and passwords from Chrome. Be careful, there's no undo on this, so make sure LastPass is installed and working ok before you do this.

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